We will try our best to explain in points below of what our plans are.
-Off course the 1st step for any project would be to get active on social platforms(Twitter,Discord) to be able communicate their ideas to the NFT-space.
-We have in mind a total of 3 drops but the 1st drop would be special and very unique from the other two drops as it would be our DAO token(your right to propose and vote).We have named it “GENESIS WHALE DROP”. There would a total  3600 of Whale 3d DAO cards in the 1st drop with two different rarities types(explained below).The other two drops would be named as “BABY SHARK” and “NEMO”
-Every projects needs to built a community by marketing about them. As we are here to build a community so our aim would be to spread news about us in an organic way.We would engage with our community with several giveaways to help spread the word about COD together.
-Our 1st drop(Genesis Whale Drop) with a supply of 3600 would be minted on……
-Formation of DAO(how it would work explained below)
-Hiring of new team members
-We have a Merch drop in mind for each and every holder of Genesis Whale Drop.We want you to swag it off in the real world too with Hoodies and T-shirts
-Off course if there is a Merch there would be a Merch marketplace too where if someone wants to cash out with some handsome amount money he/she can.
Now lets talk about how COD DAO would work.
-Our Genesis drop of 3600 would have two rarities type(Genesis Alpha and Genesis Beta)
There would be only 600 Alpha cards out of total 3600 collection. Alpha card will give you power of presenting any proposal. The proposals submitted by Alpha Card holders would be voted by Beta Card holders and if majority votes in favor of the proposal then it passes.Every Alpha card holder gets a Merch of COD hoddies to swag off by just holding their Alpha Card in wallet.
There would be total of 3000 Beta cards out of the total collection of 3600.Beta card will give you voting power on the proposals submitted by Alpha Card Holders.You can vote against or in favor of any proposal submitted by Alpha Card holders.For Beta card holders we have planned Merch T-shirts by just holding their Beta Card in wallet.
So lets talk about some utilities which our GENESIS WHALE DROP would be giving
-It will be your DAO token means you can vote and propose changes by holding these Genesis Cards.
-Merch Drop for holders
-We have our plans to built a Merch marketplace where you can buy and sell the Merchs.
-This will be our only 3d card drop(DAO token drop).Every holder of Genesis drop gets WL and royality sharing of our future drops(if DAO approves on the future drops).
-By holding these cards you can do anything you want.As it would empower you could change the whole roadmap of the project provided you have enough votes.DAO can propose and vote on whether to invest in some bluechip Cnft projects with the funds or distribute the funds to the holders or to plan a new drop.The possibilities are endless.